rent our space!

Need a cool spot for your next event?

The Fieldhouse New American Kitchen is quite simply the coolest place in Billings to host an event. Your guests will love our lounge, dining room, patio or The Annex Coffee Shop next door. 

Whether you choose to rent the entire restaurant or portions of our sleek, modern space, our flexibility is unmatched. We are conveniently located downtown, yet parking is free and practically unlimited. Our food is delicious, our staff rocks and our goal is to make you and your guests feel right at home. 

Whether you need a corporate space or plenty of room to celebrate, we can make it happen. Call us today!

The Fieldhouse Dining Room | Max Capacity: 60

Rustic tables are combined with modern metal chairs and beautiful leather benches to create a dining space perfect for a formal meal, yet roomy enough for networking or mingling and munching. A wall of windows provides plenty of natural light and an open, airy feeling throughout. 

The Fieldhouse Lounge | Max Capacity: 70

Your guests will love our cozy lounge, complete with comfy wingback chairs, side tables and our signature community table with seating for twelve. Sit and relax, work the room or visit over dinner – with this space, the options are endless.

The Fieldhouse Patio Max | Capacity: 80

Enjoy the sunshine and Montana breeze while you party on our private patio. We offer plenty of furniture, including umbrellas and awnings for shade and patio heaters for to chase away the evening chill. Perfect for everything from wedding or baby showers to family reunions or gatherings with friends.

Entire Restaurant | Max Capacity: 150

Rental of the entire restaurant includes the Dining Room, Lounge and the Patio (in season). 

The Annex Coffee Shop | Max Capacity: 70

By day, The Annex is a trendy, yet cozy coffee shop perfect for your office away from home or a cuppa joe with your besties. By late afternoon and evening, it’s a fun, funky space for events of all kinds. Whether you have a business presentation to make or you’d like a private place to party, we’ve got you covered. 

The Annex Patio | Max Capacity: 70

Looking for an outdoor venue? Up to 70 guests can enjoy the late afternoon sun while they mix and mingle in our charming outdoor space. Shade? Check. Lighting? Got it. We even have patio heaters to warm your guests on chilly nights. We can’t wait to celebrate with you.


The Annex Coffee Shop or Patio

Tuesday – Friday after 4 pm

Saturday – Sunday after 2 pm

$100/hr, 3 hour minimum.

The Fieldhouse Restaurant or Patio


Deposits – We will happily guarantee your reservation upon payment of a 20% deposit of the total event cost (maximum $500).

Cancellations – For total refund of your deposit, cancellation must be made a full two weeks prior to your event.


Would you like us to staff your event?

We will happily provide a server to attend to you and your guests, take orders, set out and replenish food and clean the party area. The fee is a 20% gratuity, which will be calculated from the event total food and beverage purchase. 

When it comes to food, you have several options:

  • Allow guests to order from The Fieldhouse menu
  • Allow guests to order from pre-selected menu options from The Fieldhouse or The Annex Coffee
  • Pre-order dishes from The Fieldhouse for buffet or family-style dining or snacking
  • Pre-order cookies, cakes and other baked goods from The Annex
  • Bring your own food and beverage ($2 per person plating fee applies)

Got it handled?

If you’d like to order food for your event but don’t need a dedicated server, you may request delivery of any of The Fieldhouse or Annex seasonal catering options. Arrange and serve the food when and where you like, then relax and enjoy. Setup and cleanup is on you; however, we provide trash receptacles and removal. Want to bring your own food and beverage? A $2 per person plating fee applies.



The Annex has a delightful selection of desserts and sweets. Pick a variety or let guests choose. We’ll make it easy.

Want to bring your own? No problem. We’ll provide the napkins, plates and silverware. A $2 per person plating fee applies. 


It is our pleasure to arrange and display beautiful, fresh-cut flowers for you and your guests to enjoy. A minimum fee of $5 per person applies. Ask us about options!


Free WiFi available (naturally). Rent A/V for just $30. Apple TV Connected